Ganesh Harinath - Founder & CEO

Ganesh Harinath is the Founder & CEO of Fiducia | AI, Inc. He is focused on delivering next generation applications on a purpose-built Trust and Intelligent platform powered by Blockchain and AI. His vision is to disrupt the industry by building globally connected trusted communities. He envisions to deliver trust and intelligent applications around Produce Traceability, Telco and Healthcare. As former VP & CTO at Verizon Media he was focused on orchestrating strategies and building massive revenue generating Cloud and Edge AI-based products for enterprise customers.

He is well known in the Industry for the work he has done in AI Edge and Cloud. His impactful and insightful public speaking has always inspired industry leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers and students across the globe. 

His lifetime goal is to support United Nations Goal “4: Quality Education” with specific emphasis on computer access and literacy for the underprivileged across the globe. 

He aspires to experience Space in the near future.