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Produce Traceability and Brand Protection

Access track & trace solutions for independent farm and food businesses

Fiducia | AI

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Decentralized Digital Identity

Trust platform providing digital identity and making it accessible to businesses and consumers

Fiducia | AI

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Building globally connected trusted communities

Fiducia | AI

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Building Globally Connected Communities

Working with individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions to develop customized solutions. Our goal is to create globally connected trusted communities.

Intelligent Trust Platforms

Solutions are built on a customizable combination of public blockchain, private blockchain, and cloud. This multi-layer approach provides the trust and public access that public blockchain networks afford, while allowing aspects of transactions to remain anonymous in our private blockchain network. Business insights are delivered by our powerful AI.

Produce Traceability and Brand Protection

Increased consumer hesitation around food safety is converging with tighter governmental regulations pushing for produce supply chain transparency and traceability.

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the FDA has proposed the Rule for Food Traceability with the intention of “preventing or mitigating foodborne illness outbreaks and addressing credible threats of serious adverse health consequences or death.” (US Food and Drug Administration, 2021). The rule requires that any actor within the supply chain be able to provide to the Administration, within 24 hours of request, a report containing specific shipping and receiving information. Once this rule is passed, entities involved in the food supply chain will have two years to comply.

Fiducia | AI powers supply chain processes through best-in-class solutions built on a revolutionary platform that combines blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, unlocking data analysis and traceability capabilities in an accessible and secure way.

Decentralized Digital Identity

Fiducia | AI offers applications that not only help facilitate governmental compliance, but also allow partners to create a digital identity and  have a meaningful presence on public and private blockchain networks.

These Applications are built on open, immutable, traceable, and intelligent platforms accessible at low cost.